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  • Can I change the PHP Live! logo so that it matches my website?
  • Can I deploy PHP Live! on multiple websites I own and operate?
  • Can I provide a live chat service to my clients with my purchased copy of PHP Live!?
  • Can I remove the PHP Live! link back from the visitor chat window?
  • Can I use PHP Live! on my iPhone or other mobile devices?
  • Cookies set by the PHP Live! system for the visitor chat area
  • Does PHP Live! include spell check?
  • Does PHP Live! use any type of PHP framework?
  • Does your company provide the chat operators?
  • How can I upload files or how do I enable file upload for visitors and operators?
  • How do I login to the PHP Live! system? My login information is not working.
  • I'm a developer and want to know if I can use PHP Live! on all of my client's websites?
  • Is PHP Live! compatible with PHP 7?
  • Is PHP Live! GDPR ready?
  • Is software support available with the purchase? If so, for how long?
  • Is the Download solution a complete standalone system with all data on my server?
  • Is there a reseller plan or a reseller discount?
  • Is there a trial version I can download and install on my server?
  • What are the server specs for the Download Solution?
  • What areas of the software is translated?
  • What is the "Activation Code" when trying to login to the client area?
  • When the chat session ends, visitors can leave a comment. Where can I view the comments?
  • Where can I enable the emoticons feature?
  • Will the On Demand accounts receive free upgrades and support?
  • Access helpful URLs within the operator console with External URLs
  • Add custom fields on the chat request window
  • Assign an operator to a department
  • Automatic chat invitation configuration
  • Automatic global offline time for department operators
  • Automatically open the embed chat window for operator chat invites
  • Canned responses and automatically send a canned response immediately after accepting a chat request
  • Canned responses shared with all operators assigned to the department
  • Categorize chat sessions with Tags
  • Chat icon offline behavior redirect to a URL - feature description
  • Chat routing types: Defined Order, Round-Robin and Simultaneous
  • Clear browser cache
  • Configure the Waiting Queue feature
  • Create additional Setup Admin accounts
  • Create/Edit department groups
  • Creating a new language pack file
  • Creating custom themes
  • Delete a theme from your PHP Live! system
  • Department specific HTML Code
  • Disable visitor sending of chat transcripts
  • DMARC domains
  • Enable operator "Automatic Login" feature
  • Enable or disable operator sharing of chat transcripts
  • Exclude IPs from the footprint data
  • FTP Program Installation
  • Hide the email field on the chat request window
  • Hide the embed chat popout icon
  • Initiate chat with the visitor
  • Mobile: Always open the chat sessions in a new window for all mobile visitors
  • Monitor and view current active chats in real-time
  • Multiple chat icons on the same page
  • One PHP Live! installation for multiple domains (department method)
  • One PHP Live! installation for multiple domains (server URL masking method)
  • Operator Console "Network Status" network icon explained
  • Operator max chat limit automatically route to the next operator
  • PHP Live! login URLs
  • Reset Desktop Notification Settings
  • Resize the visitor chat request window size
  • Skip the pre-chat form similar option
  • Switch your system to HTTPS from HTTP
  • Transfer chat to an operator or a department
  • Two chat icons on the same page with different chat icon image
  • Update operator profile picture or switch on or off the profile picture display to visitor
  • Update the outgoing transcript email message
  • Update the text "To better assist you, please provide the following information."
  • View missed chats
  • What are the .fes files in the file upload directory?
  • Where are the uploaded files saved to on the hard drive and how long are they stored?
  • Where is the text "Agent will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience."
  • Access the setup area without triggering the operator automatic login feature
  • Automatic launch operator console URL
  • Convenient method to reference existing PHP Live! chat icon HTML Code
  • Data URI (string representation of an image) chat icon instead of an image format
  • Different chat request greeting message "Welcome to our Live Chat" for different departments
  • Display errors when modifying the code
  • Enable chat session shortcuts
  • Exclude the chat icon display on certain pages
  • Improve and optimize the server and the PHP Live! system
  • Improve server performance by adjusting some PHP Live! variables
  • Improve server performance with custom logging conditions
  • Improve website performance by switching off the Visitor Footprint Tracking
  • Live chat icon image and placement tips
  • Move the temporary chat file directory to another location
  • Move the web folder to another location on the server
  • Multiple languages for one system
  • Setup tiered support levels with Hidden Departments
  • Update the URL of your system
  • Chat availability online and offline status API
  • Custom Variables Integration
  • IP address GeoIP data API
  • Online/Offline JavaScript callback functions
  • Pre-populate visitor name and email chat request field
  • Use Gmail SMTP to send outgoing emails
  • Enable repeat push notification for new chat requests
  • iOS Mobile App says expired
  • iOS push notification is not arriving
  • Mobile App and Sucuri
  • Mobile App is a blank white page
  • Mobile App is looping back to the activation screen
  • Notification is not appearing on Android lock screen
  • On Android, the operator console disconnects when phone goes to sleep or when app is in background
  • Website "X-Frame-Options" setting
  • Where can I find the Mobile App Site ID?
  • Can I install PHP Live! on both the test server and the production server at the same time?
  • Creating MySQL database for PHP Live!
  • Free certificates for your domain (and to use for your PHP Live! URL)
  • Installing the GeoIP addon
  • Load balance server environment setup
  • MariaDB for the database
  • MySQL command line examples to create a user and database for PHP Live!
  • Perform a re-patch to correct DB errors or missing variables
  • PHP Live! 4.x Installation
  • PHP Live! 4.x Upgrade
  • Reinstall the PHP Live! system
  • Reset the Setup Admin password
  • Transfer PHP Live! to a new server
  • Update the GeoIP data to the latest version
  • Updating the domain name, directory path or MySQL information
  • "Duplicate Login" continues to display after trying to login as chat operator
  • "Nothing to upload" when uploading a profile picture
  • After upgrade, the login screen is loading my website
  • After upgrading PHP Live!, my WinApp still shows previous version or an error
  • Automatic chat invite does not seem to display at the set criteria
  • Automatic Chat Invite seems to be random instead of the criteria
  • Can't connect to MySQL
  • Chat icon not displaying on my website
  • Chat session did not create.
  • Chat session. "Data too long for column"
  • Chrome browser desktop notification is not working
  • Clicking the chat icon loads a webpage
  • Column count doesn't match value count
  • Could not connect to local mail server or mail server is not installed.
  • Desktop notification is not displaying on Firefox browser
  • Desktop notification on Mac is not working.
  • Disconnect error 815 with ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR on browser
  • Email is not sending or SMTP addon is not sending emails or there is an email error
  • Error patch .. process. Refresh the page and try again.
  • Error: 403 Forbidden error when accessing a directory or file
  • Error: 404 File Not Found
  • Error: 500 Internal Server Error
  • Error: include_once: Unable to allocate memory for pool
  • filemtime: stat failed
  • Firefox popup window external links not able to open when clicked
  • Function Deprecated warnings on 1.x-3.x systems
  • Function mcrypt_decrypt() is deprecated
  • getimagesize: open_basedir restriction in effect
  • Installation troubleshooting tips
  • IP chat max reached
  • is_writeable: open_basedir restriction in effect
  • JavaScript: ReferenceError: Autolinker is not defined - Operator Console is blank
  • Just a blank page without any output or PHP error.
  • Lost connection to MySQL
  • mcrypt_decrypt deprecated error during patch process
  • Missing argument in function
  • Mobile App requires a secure HTTPS URL.
  • My PHP Live! URL shows a list of files, not a login screen.
  • MySQL "mysql extension is deprecated"
  • MySQL "Too many connections"
  • MySQL Access denied for user or host error
  • MySQL DB Connection Failed
  • MySQL: getaddrinfo failed: hostname nor servname provided, or not known
  • MySQL: Headers and client library minor version mismatch.
  • MySQL: The server requested authentication method unknown to the client mysql_old_password
  • MySQLi Extension Not Enabled
  • mysql_connect: Host '...' is blocked because of many connection errors
  • mysql_connect: Host '...' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
  • mysql_connect: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
  • mysql_connect: No route to host
  • mysql_connect: SQL safe mode in effect
  • No address associated with hostname
  • Operator duplicate login loop error when trying to sign on
  • Operators are not seeing the Traffic Monitor footer menu on the operator console.
  • Operators are online but the chat icon on the website says Offline.
  • Operators are online, the chat icon says online, but chat request says "Max chat sessions per IP".
  • Patch page is stuck on a percentage
  • Patch processing looping
  • PDO Extension Not Enabled
  • Permission denied related errors
  • SMTP addon displays an "undefined" error during activation
  • System error 815
  • The GeoIP is showing the wrong IPs or all the IPs are same on the traffic monitor
  • The HTML Code Mapper addon is not processing
  • Too many records to search. Text search not available.
  • Traffic monitor GeoIP displays white flags for ALL traffic
  • Traffic monitor shows 0 visitors after upgrading to PHP Live! v.4.7.4 with GeoIP v.9
  • Undefined index
  • Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER
  • Undefined index: msg_busy
  • Undefined index: SQLTYPE
  • Undefined variable: patch_v
  • Undefined variable: requestinfo
  • Undefined variable: VALS
  • Undefined variable: VERSION
  • Uninstalling PHP Live! system
  • unserialize: Error at offset array_merge: Argument #2 is not an array
  • Use of undefined constant
  • What happened to the chat transcripts menu on the operator console footer
  • When the chat request is declined, the request comes back
  • WinApp error "WinApp is already running."
  • WinApp not working after Windows 10 upgrade
  • WinApp shows "Could not connect to the web server. Server may be temporarily down or is unavailable."
  • WinApp: After logging in, the operator console is blank screen
  • WinApp: Could not connect to the web server
  • WinApp: Google Maps "You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps"
  • zlib.output_compression enabled, the chat icon is not displaying
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