Integrations: Facebook

To integrate PHP Live! with Facebook, here is what you will want to do:
  1. Search "Static HTML: iframe tabs" on the top menu Facebook search box.
  2. Click the button "Add Static HTML to a Page" to add the button to a page.
  3. You'll now see a new button named "Welcome".
  4. Click the new button "Welcome" to access the settings.
  5. Paste the PHP Live! HTML Code into the "Public Content" textarea.
  6. Click the "Save Changes" to update.
  7. You'll now want to update the "Welcome" text to a more descriptive text, such as "Live Chat".
    Return to your Facebook main page and click the "Admin Panel" button on the top right.
  8. Click the "Settings" menu option.
  9. From the "Settings" page, click the Apps menu:
  10. Locate the added app "Static HTML: iframe tabs". Click the "Edit Settings" to update the button text.
  11. Done!