Integrations: BigCommerce

To integrate PHP Live! with OpenCart, here is what you will want to do:
  1. Login to your BigCommerce administration area.
  2. Access the "Advanced Settings" menu.
  3. Continue to the "Live Chat" menu.
  4. Select the "Other Third Party Live Chat Service" option.
  5. Save setting at the lower right corner "Save" button.
  6. You should now see a new menu option "Other Third Party Live Chat Service". Click the menu to expand.
  7. Paste your PHP Live! HTML Code into the "Live Chat Code" textbox and also set the "Chat Box Location". It is suggested to set the location to "At the top of page".
  8. Save setting at the lower right corner "Save" button.
  9. Done! Visit your store to view the chat icon! Happy chatting!
* If the chat icon is not displaying, try placing the PHP Live! module at another layout position.