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Enable operator "Automatic Login" feature

The "Operator Automatic Login" enables operators to automatically login without entering their login credentials for future sessions.  By default, the feature is not enabled.  To enable the "Operator Automatic Login" feature, here is what you'll want to do:


* Documentations are written assuming that your PHP Live! is always the latest version.  If you do not see the menu options or the feature, you may want to upgrade your system to the latest version.  The latest version can be downloaded at the client area. 


  1. Login to your PHP Live! system as the chat operator
  2. Click the top menu "Settings"
  3. On the "Settings" page, click the sub menu "Automatic Login"
  4. Save setting and done!


The "Remember me" checkbox on the login screen also enables the "Operator Automatic Login" feature.  If your PHP Live! system does not show a "Remember me" checkbox on the login screen, you will need to upgrade your PHP Live! system to the latest version.


Keep in mind: The "Automatic Login" relies on cookies, the feature is browser and platform specific.  For example, if you enable the "Automatic Login" on a Chrome browser, it will only function on Chrome browser.  If you had previously enabled "Automatic Login" on Firefox, because the "Automatic Login" is now enabled on Chrome, the Firefox session has expired.  For security, the "Automatic Login" can only be enabled on one browser or device at a time.



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