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Creating a new language pack file

The language translation effects the visitor chat window only.  The operator and the setup areas are in English due to formatting and feature functions.  Creation of language pack file is possible with the Download solution since all the files are downloaded and can be modified.  For On Demand clients, please email for language pack creation.


To create a language pack, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Access your phplive/ directory via FTP or SSH.
  2. Within the phplive/ directory, there is a lang_packs/ directory that contains the bundled language pack files.
  3. Look inside the phplive/lang_packs/ directory and locate the english.php file.
  4. Make a copy of the english.php to a new language name (example: new_english.php)
  5. Edit the new language file for your needs.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Access your PHP Live! Setup Admin area and click the top menu "Departments".  Edit each of the department and set the language to the new language file you just created.
  8. Done!


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