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Updating the domain name, directory path or MySQL information

During the PHP Live! installation, a configuration file will be automatically created at the following location: phplive/web/config.php


The phplive/web/config.php file contains various values, including the directory path information and the MySQL DB values.  Before anything, backup the config.php file just in case you need to revert back to original.  Once a backup has been made, edit the file and you'll see values similar to:


$CONF['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] = addslashes( '/path/to/your/phplive/system/phplive' ) ;
$CONF['BASE_URL'] = '' ;
$CONF['SQLHOST'] = 'db_host' ;
$CONF['SQLLOGIN'] = 'db_login' ;
$CONF['SQLPASS'] = 'db_password' ;
$CONF['DATABASE'] = 'db_name' ;


Update the values for the changed directory path, changed PHP Live! URL or changed MySQL information.  All other configuration values SHOULD NOT be modified.  They will update automatically based on the DOCUMENT_ROOT value.



Use single quotes (') to enclose the values because some character combination may cause some issues on some server environments if using double quotes (").


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