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Knowledge Base » How-To and Helpful Info » Access helpful URLs within the operator console with External URLs
Access helpful URLs within the operator console with External URLs

Looking up client records, checking up on an order status or creating a ticket can all be a regular activity throughout the day.  In most situations, the additional actions are done by accessing a webpage.  Save time by embedding frequently accessed URLs within the operator console.  Instead of switching from window to window, simply click the External URL to open the webpage within the operator console, without navigating away from the chat session.  After the client information lookup has been done (or other actions), close out the External URL and continue with the chat session.


Max 3 External URLs can be embedded within the operator console.  The External URL titles will be displayed on the footer menu area of the operator console.


  1. To setup External URLs, you'll want to do the following:
  2. Login to your PHP Live! system as the Setup Admin
  3. Click top menu "Extras" and then to the "External URLs" sub menu
  4. From this page, you'll be able to provide the title and the URL of the External URL
  5. Assign the External URL access to operator(s)
  6. Done!


* keep in mind, the External URLs will be embedded inside an iFrame.  Only URLs that can be embedded inside an iFrame can be loaded.


Once the External URLs have been setup, operators whom has access to the URLs will see the External URL title on their operator console footer menu.  When clicking on the External URL title, the External URL webpage will load directly within the console, without the operator having to open a new window or navigate away from the chat session.

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