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Knowledge Base » How-To and Helpful Info » Operator Console "Network Status" network icon explained
Operator Console "Network Status" network icon explained

On the lower right portion of the operator console, there is a server connection strength "Network" icon.  The connection strength "Network" icon is a measure of the communication response time from the computer to the server and back to the computer.


To check for new chat requests or new chat responses, the operator console performs the following tasks:

  • the operator console makes a request to the server
  • the server responds to the request and generates an output
  • the output is sent back to the operator console


Total of 3 communication steps to display an updated information to the operator.  The total communication time of the above 3 steps will determine the "Network" connection strength.  If there is an internet lag in the 3 steps, it will affect the "Network" connection strength.  As long as the indication bar is displaying a signal and not a disconnected icon, the operator console should be fine.  If the server connection strength bars are red, you may notice a slightly delayed in responses time during a chat session.


Keep in mind, there are external factors (internet provider, computer internet activity, etc) that can effect the communication to the server.  The server may be fully functional but if your internet provider is having a temporary connection delays, it will ultimately effect the overall connection to the server, thus effecting the chat system.  If nothing on the server has been changed but the network status goes to red or at times disconnect, it is most likely the external factors.  These situations are temporary and internet connection generally regains normal in time.

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