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What areas of the software is translated?

The visitor chat window can be translated to a language of your choice.  The available language for selection can be viewed at:


  1. Login to your PHP Live! Setup Admin area
  2. Click the top menu "Departments".  If multiple departments are created, you'll be able to set the "Primary Language" that will be utilized when All Departments HTML Code is generated.  Otherwise, edit the department and update the language for that department.
  3. Save and Done!

The operator console and the Setup Admin area texts are in English.  The main issue of translating these areas are formatting of the UI.  For example, the letter spacing of the English word "Transcripts" is different letter spacing of the Spanish translation "Transcripción".  Difference in font spacing can affect the UI and may cause some issues with functionality.  However, with the Download Solution, the texts can be translated at the code level since the software does include the source code.

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