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July 15, 2019

 New Feature

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Bug Fix

Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  "Live QA" addon.  For more information, please visit the Live QA page.
  •  For SMTP servers that does not require a login and password, the SMTP addon can skip the login and password authentication procedure by providing the text "blank" as both the login password.
  •  Chat accept method updated to limit potential very rare multiple operators accept situation.
  •  Setup Admin chat stats reports areas (Setup Admin > Reports) updated for improved stats accuracy of the "Missed Chats" total count.
  •  Operator area menu "Mobile App Alert" will only be visible if the Mobile App Site ID has been generated at the Setup Admin area (Setup Admin > Settings > Mobile App).
  •  Search transcripts (Setup Admin > Transcripts) will display the department or operator chat transcripts if just those fields are selected.  Previously a combination of other search criteria was needed for transcript search output.
  •  Interface update for the Setup Admin and chat operator area.  All themes were updated as well.
  •  Installer script updated to detect proxy cache.  If detected, a message will be displayed for proper actions needed before continuing with the installation. 
  •  Rare situation of the refer URL causing a JavaScript error has been fixed.  The issue can sometimes cause the operator console from loading completely or prevent accepting a chat.
  •   iOS Mobile App sound file naming correction to play the correct new response sound file.
  •  Email Marketing addon potential path issue fixed for the cron script.
  •  WinApp open transcript function updated to correctly open the chat transcript for systems with "/phplive" as the BASE_URL value.
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