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May 21, 2019

 New Feature

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Bug Fix

Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  The potential white edge around the embed chat rounded corners have been removed.  This issue only effected few themes with dark embed chat header color.  If you have created a custom theme and experience the white edge around the rounded corners, simply copy the "default" theme to create the new theme.  The "default" theme will contain the extra CSS that corrects the white edge situation.
  •  The chat rating survey now displays directly on the chat session immediately after the 'Chat has ended." message.  Previously, the chat session survey required a click of a link to open the survey window.  This was the survey display method in past versions but the reason for the change to a new div display method was because of mobile app keyboard issue.  It has now been reverted back to inline view with only mobile devices displaying the link method to chat survey.

    Chat rating survey with Chat End Message enabled:  If the Chat End Message feature is enabled (Setup Admin > Interface > Chat End Msg), the link option will be displayed in this situation to ensure the Chat End Message is visible and not scrolled out of view caused by the chat rating survey.
     Visitors on Mobile: If the visitor is chatting from a mobile device, the link option will be displayed because some mobile platforms have a difficult time rendering the keyboard in various situations.  The link option on mobile devices (including tablets) will ensure everything functions correctly across all types of platforms and devices.

  •  The file phplive/ajax/p_engine.php is no longer being utilized.  The JavaScript functions have been migrated to the phplive/js/global_chat.js file to improve chat window loading time and improve resource usage.
  •  The "download" option of chat transcript has been removed due to security and to limit confusion when browser "download" ability is not supported.
  •  New optional system variable $VARS_MISC_IFRAME_SANDBOX_ATTRIBUTES introduced for those that require iframe "sandbox" security feature.  The minimum attributes are "allow-forms allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-modals".  Default is blank (non sandbox mode).
  •  All themes updated for minor interface improvement.
  •  The chat request window pre-chat form check will highlight all required fields that are blank rather then one by one.
  •  Few interface improvements for a more fluid chat window loading within the iframe.
  •   Mobile App will attempt to reconnect for over an hour for situations the cellular signal is very faint and communication to the server could not be established.  The lengthy reconnect duration will provide a better visual indication when viewing the Mobile App.
  •   There has been reports of very low sound alert for the default new response sound on Android devices.  Android Mobile App new response sound alert is now a bit louder.
  •   Loading spinner icon added to Android Mobile App to indicate the Mobile App is loading when the app is maximized from minimized state.  The spinner icon will help indicate success connection (it disappears) or if attempting to connect to server (is visible).  iOS Mobile App already has this feature but on some Android devices the spinner did not display.  It should now display both on all Android devices and iOS.
  •   Improved receiving of push notification for situations the server does not register a minimized state on the Mobile App.
  •   Theme selection on the Mobile App operator console always shows "Winterland" theme as the checked radio button.  System now correctly displays the checked radio button on the correct theme
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