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Knowledge Base » Errors and Troubleshooting » Email is not sending or SMTP addon is not sending emails or there is an email error
Email is not sending or SMTP addon is not sending emails or there is an email error

Server is not sending emails:

If you are not utilizing SMTP to send out emails, then it is most likely the server is not configured to send out emails.  PHP Live! simply utilizes the PHP function mail() using your server email configuration to send out emails.  Perhaps your server admin could look through the server maillog file for more information.  Another option is to utilize SMTP.  The SMTP settings can be updated at:


Setup Admin > Extras > SMTP


SMTP is not sending emails:

A site to test SMTP server (other then your PHP Live! system) is (use at your discretion) to compare response from a third-party site with the response of the PHP Live! SMTP addon.  See if it produces the same or different result.  SMTP errors are generally coming directly from the SMTP server.  There is typically a trace record within the phplive/web/ directory if an SMTP error has occurred.  The error log begins with debug_smtp_ with a hash string.  Take a look at the error log file to see if additional information can be gathered.  If you can forward that file to for review it would be helpful in the troubleshooting process.  Contacting your SMTP provider or server admin to troubleshoot the SMTP issue is suggested as well.  

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