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Knowledge Base » Tips and Tricks » Data URI (string representation of an image) chat icon instead of an image format
Data URI (string representation of an image) chat icon instead of an image format

The $VARS_CHATICON_DATAURI is an optional system variable for situations the chat icon does not display due to source server various image fetching restrictions.  With this feature, the chat icons are loaded using Data URI method (string representation of an image).  This system variable is not set by default.  This feature is seldom utilized but the option is there for particular situations.


Few reasons to use the $VARS_CHATICON_DATAURI = 1; system variable:


  • source server does not allow images to be displayed on a different domain
  • other restrictions set at the source server that does not allow images to be fetched from external website or server
  • the chat icon displays a broken icon on the domain the chat icon is placed because the domain does not match the PHP Live! installation location server


For more information on modifying system variables, please reference the Resize the visitor chat request window size documentation.  The documentation details updating the window size but the updating any system variables requires the same procedure.



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