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March 18th, 2019

 New Feature

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Bug Fix

Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  Ability to update the embed chat window size (width and height) at the Setup Admin area
    Setup Admin > Interface > Embed Chat - Logo Display and Size
  •  View visitors that are waiting in queue from the "Status Monitor" at the Setup Admin area.  Setup Admin will also be able to directly decline a chat request at this area, removing the chat request from queue and routing the visitor to the leave a message form.  Example usage for declining a chat through the "Status Monitor" are for situations the chat request may not pertain to the company product/service or to remove from queue for other various reasons to ensure the chat request that are routed to the operators are relevant.
    Setup Admin > Operators > Status Monitor
  •  Waiting queue estimated time updated to reflect a more accurate estimated time based on previous data (estimated waiting time is based on recent [x] successful queued visitors that were routed to an operator)
  •  Operator chat invites will display "Visitor has joined the chat" when the chat window displays on the visitor side.
  •  Search transcripts at the Setup Admin and Chat Operator areas includes month as one of the search criteria.
  •  Operator Console various areas that displays visitor past transcripts list will display the "Operator Initiated Chat" flag for operator initiated chat invites.
  •  Various areas updated to improve UI intuitiveness and feature functions.
  •  SMTP addon should display a more detailed error messages for various situations during verification of the credentials.
  •  Few themes updated for UI improvements
  •  Preview theme at the Setup Admin area now loads as an embed chat window rather then a popup window.
  •  Preview of company logo displays the logo of the current department that is selected.  Previously the "All Departments" was always selected.
  •  Possible outdated browsers input lock issue workaround when switching departments on the chat request window.
  •  Possible outdated browsers layout workaround for minimized embed chat window
  •  Possible outdated browsers interface quirk workaround in various areas (example: ProAction Invite area)
  •  For the visitor chat window, if the emoji, file attach or send transcripts window is opened during a chat session, the minimize embed chat sometimes displays the window, covering the standard chat minimized interface.  System updated to hide the additional windows when embed window is minimized
  •  If the system variable $VARS_CHATICON_DATAURI is enabled, it now correctly displays text string rather then the data uri of the chat icon if text string is provided rather then the chat icon.
  •  Department theme detection updated for automatic start chat situations of locating the first available department of the online operator, utilizing the theme of the matched department.
  •  Theme selection available for Department Groups
  •  Export Transcript addon updated to fix an issue with IE browser sometimes not displaying the export window.
  •  Updating the department settings (Name, email, etc) sometimes switches Off the "Waiting Queue" (if "Waiting Queue" was enabled).  This has been fixed to retain the "Waiting Queue" On/Off setting.
  •  If the "Waiting Queue" is enabled, fixed a possible rare situation the waiting queue displays for a brief second even after the chat was declined by all operators
  •  HTML Code Mapper did not process multiple chat icons on the same page with different department references, producing a no action when the chat icon is clicked.  HTML Code Mapper addon does not need to be updated.  Simply upgrading your PHP Live! system will fix the issue
  •  ProAction Invite displays a random operator profile picture even if an operator is offline for the "Online or Offline" criteria.  The system now correctly hides the profile picture if operators are not online for the "Online or Offline" criteria
  •  The SMTP Addon utilizes the port method only.  Previous versions had option of port or API.  The API method has been removed as of v. because the port method is most reliable.
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