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Feb. 28th, 2019

 New Feature

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Bug Fix

Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  ProAction invite area updated to improve user interface when configuring the feature.
    Setup Admin > HTML Code > ProAction Invite
  •  Operator chat invite displays the "Automatic Chat Invite" image as a default.  The chat invite image position can be updated without enabling the "Automatic Chat Invite" feature.
    Setup Admin > HTML Code > Automatic Chat Invite
  •  Chat icon HTML Code JavaScript updated to improve chat icon visibility on various complex website layouts.
  •  Patching the system during upgrades or new installations should be much faster.
  •  Few themes updated.
  •  Email format validation JavaScript updated.  Email format validation is quite complex and it is better to allow a valid format rather then error on too strict validation.
  •  After deleting a chat transcript from the Setup Admin area, the page sometimes displays different transcript page then previously on. - fixed
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