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Feb. 15th, 2019

 New Feature

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Bug Fix

Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  After review, the embed chat window size has been put back to static width and height.  In previous few versions, the embed chat window height varied depending on the document height.  The height is back to static and will remain static.  The automatic height was an effort for more visible chat content but it effected those needing specific layout.  If you are wanting to adjust the embed chat window width and height for your system, the following documentation Resize the visitor chat request window size will detail the steps.
  •  All themes updated for a more uniform embed header icon colors matching the interface.
  •  For the transcript search portion, if a "Tag" search criteria was selected, the search reset link does not display.  The reset now also displays for this situation for quick access to clear the criteria.
  •  When utilizing the system variable $VARS_CHATICON_DATAURI = 1 ; the chat icons does not load.  The $VARS_CHATICON_DATAURI is an optional system variable for situations the chat icon does not display due to source server various image fetching restrictions.  With this feature, the chat icons are loaded using Data URI method (string representation of an image).  This system variable is not set by default.  This feature is seldom utilized but the option is there for particular situations.  The bug in this feature has been patched.
  •  Scenario: An operator that is assigned to a "hidden" department (not visible for selection for "All Departments") goes Online.  Webpages containing the HTML Code that references the "All Departments" HTML Code displays the offline chat icon (as intended).  But when the offline chat icon is clicked, the hidden department operator profile picture is displayed if the Chat Request Profile Picture setting is set to On for the hidden operator at the Setup Admin > Operators > Profile Pictures.  The bug has been fixed.
  • (iOS) Very very, very rare situation of the chat window rending issue on some iOS devices during initial loading of the embed chat window.  The embed chat window layout may be slightly off, a device processing and rending situation on outdated iOS devices.  A workaround has been placed to ensure it is displayed correctly for these situations.  Most will not encounter the issue at all. - fixed
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