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Knowledge Base » How-To and Helpful Info » Transfer chat to an operator or a department
Transfer chat to an operator or a department

During a chat session, the operator can transfer a chat to another operator or a department (transfer a chat to a department was introduced with PHP Live! v.  The feature is available on the operator console "Transfer" tab that appears during a chat session.



 Keep in mind, the operator will see "transfer to department" option on the Transfer tab only for departments that he/she is not assigned to and if there are more then 1 operators online for that department.  This is to limit the situation of the transferred chat routed to the same operator that transferred the chat to the department.  Transfer chat to a department will reset the chat request as if it was a new chat request, storing the chat accept/decline stats just like a new chat request.  Transfer to an operator directly does not store additional accept/decline status.

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