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Jan. 8th, 2019

 New Feature

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Bug Fix

Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  Format the outgoing "Leave a message" email body.
    Setup Admin > Departments > Offline Message (department option) > Offline Message Template
  •  If the chat response contains a valid YouTube or Vimeo video URL, the video will be automatically displayed as an embed video that can be played directly in the chat window.  Note: On the Mobile App operator console, video URLs will be a link rather then an automatic video embed (Mobile App support will be available in future versions)
  •  If the chat response contains a URL to an image, the image will be automatically displayed in the chat rather then a URL link
  •  Export transcripts is now available at the Setup Admin area for On Demand accounts and Enterprise Download:
    Setup Admin > Transcripts > Export Transcripts
  •  Updated few areas for image caching
  •  Setup Admin can update the setting to allow operators to update their own profile picture without requiring the profile picture to be visible to the public
    Setup Admin > Operators > Profile Picture
  •  Updated the login screen to limit cross-domain issues in various areas of the operator console
  •  Visitor chat session download chat transcript does not require an email address
  •  Visitor session identification updated to improve visitor ID identification to account for situations the browser is updated
  •  All themes updated for improved user interface in various areas
  •  Enhanced security updates and improvements in various areas
  •  If the webpage contains the HTML Code referencing a department ID that has been deleted, the system will default to department ID of zero to check the online status and other actions based on all available departments.  Previously, references to an non-existing department ID resulted in an offline status and offline behavior
  •  The system will prompt for timezone update on first login to the Setup Admin area.  This will limit stats reset for situations the timezone was not set or unaware of the timezone value
  •  Improved SMTP error checking when attempting to use Gmail SMTP during the SMTP verification process
    Setup Admin > Extras > SMTP
  •  Automatic chat invite image contains a transparent background padding to limit webpage blending effect.  This was included in past versions but after review of recent methods, it has been reverted to the background method.  However, the invite image will display the exact size of the uploaded image.  Recommended chat invite image is 250px width and 160px height
    Setup Admin > HTML Code > Automatic Chat Invite
  •  The "forgot password" now sends the temporary password via email rather then a URL click method.  After logging in using the temporary password, the system will prompt to update the password
  •  $VARS_SETUP_IDLE_LOGOUT system variable introduced that sets the Setup Admin idle time before automatically logging out when attempting to perform various actions after being idle.  Default is 30 minutes idle.
  •  External URLs will attempt to load the URL without a CURL check.  The update will allow internal localhost URLs to be loaded.  URLs that cannot be loaded inside an iFrame should alert a message by the browser itself.
    Setup Admin > Extras > External URLs
  •  Footprints Exclude IP feature (Setup Admin > Settings > Excluded IPs) sometimes did not process wildcard situations - fixed
  •  Few URL patterns may cause the chat request to not process (very rare specific pattern of special characters in URL) - fixed
  •  Fixed few links to point to the proper area
  •  For expired chat sessions (chat session was improperly closed or timed out without clicking the "end chat"), in some situations the chat transcript was not send to the department if the "send copy to department" was set (Setup Admin > Departments > Email Transcript (Department Option)) AND the SMTP setting exists for the department.  Chat sessions with explicit "end chat" closure was not effected.
  •  If the chat icon HTML Code on the website contains a custom variable department ID that does not exist, the system sometimes loops on the chat request window.  For situations the department was deleted but the HTML Code on website still references the non-existing department ID, the system will revert to department ID of zero, displaying the chat request window with all available visible departments
  •  If declined the desktop notification on Chrome browser, at times it may display a message "Desktop notification is not available on Google Chrome non-secure URL.".  This has been fixed to correctly display the notification request was previously declined.
  •  Rare situation the embed chat not opening on Opera browser if sessionStorage is disabled or not available - fixed
  •  Rare missing variable JavaScript error on WinApp operator console causing the operator to take action to bypass the error - fixed
  •  If the desktop notification was declined on Firefox browser, the page did not display the correct declined information and clicking the request button resulted in no action - fixed
  •  iOS Mobile App sometimes did not process the file upload on the file uploader window (Mobile App does not need to be updated) - fixed
  •  On the operator console, the chat transcripts option on the footer menu has been removed.  The transcripts menu is now located on the panel above the profile picture, next to the "settings" and "sound" menu link
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