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Oct 8th, 2018

 New Feature

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Bug Fix

Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  Display online operator profile pics on the chat request window
     Setup Admin > Operators > Profile Picture
  •  Be able to pick and choose the departments for the department selection on the chat request window
     Setup Admin > Departments > Department Groups
  •  Timestamp included for when visitor requests email chat transcripts or download chat transcript
  •  Ability to hide the timestamp during the chat session
     Setup Admin > Departments ("chatting" department option)
  •  Automatically start the chat session, bypassing the pre-chat form.  If there are no operators online, the chat request/declined stats are not stored for this type of chat request because the chat session starts immediately and will skew the data.
     Setup Admin > HTML Code > Settings
  •  If the system is installed on an HTTPS url, the system will automatically set to Always HTTPS
  •  Adjustments in few areas for the Mobile App push notification delivery for situations the Mobile App background state was not detected
  •  A spinner icon was added to the operator console for a visual indication the chat is loading when app is maximized from minimized
  •  Mobile App operator few UI updates to improve navigation in various areas (scroll top, automatic canned list refresh on menu press, etc)
  •  If the server PHP system variable "post_max_size" is not set, the "upload_max_filesize" will be used
  •  When the department is deleted, the system will also delete the logo and chat icons associated with the department to limit potential issues
  •  If the "Leave a Message" offline sub text contains a URL, the system will automatically link the URL to open in a new tab window
     Setup Admin > Departments ("Offline Message" department option)
  •  Mobile Detect PHP lib updated to the latest version to improve mobile detection.  lib source: 
  •  Slate Basic theme updated
  •  Operator console view chat transcript updated to limit potential issue of the chat transcript displaying a "logged out" page when the operator is logged in from a URL that does not match the system installed URL
  •  Transfer to department added for the Mobile App operator console
  •  Operator console chat transfer updated to properly display the transfer to department button based on certain matching criteria
  •  Account password field (both Setup Admin and Operator) has been adjusted to allow a more lengthy secure password and possible password issue in few areas
  •  When creating an operator account, profile picture display to visitor is Off as the default value.  Previously, it was On by default. 
     Setup Admin > Operators > Profile Picture
  •  Enhanced stat of email form left message vs not left message, stat of routing complete vs user abandonment
     Setup Admin > Reports > Missed Chats 
  •  When deleting an operator account, the operator profile picture will correctly be deleted to limit issues
  •  Fixed few possible online/offline activity report displaying incorrect total online duration for few situations
     Setup Admin > Operators > Online Activity
     Operator > Online Activity
  •  Few HTML matching tags and layout fixes
  •  If the "Custom Chat End Message" is enabled (Setup Admin > Interface > Chat End Msg), the chat survey rating sometimes does not appear after the chat has ended - fixed
  •  Possible issue of multiple same department HTML Code with one being an image and other a text displaying either only the image or only the text - fixed
  •  The mobile push repeat did not process for simultaneous routing type - fixed
  •  In rare situations, the Mobile App operator console may display a blank chat session after accepting a chat request - fixed
  •  SMS new chat notification feature has been removed.  The SMS is sent via email method and most mobile carriers have delays in email-to-SMS delivery.  Migrated to Mobile App notification if operator has the Mobile App installed on their mobile device.  The new feature replaces the SMS option at the operator Notifications area
     Operator > Notifications > Mobile App Alert
  •  The fetch_direct.php method has been deprecated and the file is no longer included in the software.  Please reference the automatically start the chat session feature located at:
     Setup Admin > HTML Code > Settings
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