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July 17th, 2018

 New Feature

 Bug Fix

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •   If the Mobile App is placed in the background, send repeat push notifications for new chat requests until the chat request has been accepted, declined or the chat request times out.  To set the new feature, login to your PHP Live! Mobile App and access the "Themes & Sounds" menu option.  Proceed to the "Push Repeat" sub menu.  The actual Mobile App does not need to be updated.  Simply update your PHP Live! system.
     The push repeat is processed every ~5-10 seconds interval.
     If utilizing the Mobile App, consider increasing the department "Routing Time" to give you enough time to accept the chat.  If the Mobile App rings for 30 seconds, that is 30 seconds into the "Routing Time".  To increase the department "Routing Time", simply edit the department at the Setup Admin area and update the "Chat Routing Type" setting.
  •  Fixed an issue of hidden department operators not receiving push notifications on few rare situations.
  •  A redundant check of server related variable fetching to ensure proper processing for some server environments.
  •  Temporary Admin accounts that have not been accessed in over 6 months will be automatically deleted for security.
  •   Push repeat feature updated to limit few issues during the routing process. 
  •   Mobile App minimize confirmation push notification delivery process updated to improve confirmation message delivery for few Android devices with delay issues.
  •   On Android devices, the push notification will play the default push notification sound alert.  We are actively looking into adding the custom push notification sound alert set by the operator.
  •   Mobile App minimized idle automatic offline feature has been removed to limit confusion and feature non-use (default was 10 hours idle in background and was mainly for iOS devices).
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