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June 12th, 2018

 New Feature

 Bug Fix

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  Email Marketing addon available for Enterprise clients.  The addon (Email Marketing Addon) can be downloaded at the client area.
  •  Transfer a chat session to a department.  Previously, only the transfer to an operator was available.  NOTE: When transferring a chat session to a department, the chat request will begin the routing process as normal, same as a new chat request, including tally of request/accept/declined stats and routing to all available operators of transfer department.  Transfer chat to a department is considered a new chat request to the department.  NOTE: Transfer to department is a chat that was already connected and is considered priority, skipping the waiting queue and operator max chat limit.
  •  During a chat session, visitors have an option to download the chat transcript when clicking on the email transcript popup box.
  •  When updating the Automatic Chat Invite criteria (Setup Admin > HTML Code > Automatic Chat Invite > Invite Criteria), there is now an option to reset the Automatic Chat Invite criteria for ALL visitors (example: page views are reset to zero).
  •  Option to set all uploaded files to a randomized file name or retain the original file name.  The setting is located at Setup Admin > Settings > File Upload.
  •  Possible JavaScript error due to quote (") characters in chat request and traffic monitor data. - fixed
  •  Possible situations of the operator chat window automatically sending RETURN signal shortly after accepting a chat request.  The issue was due to previously set automatic canned response was deleted or no longer exists. - fixed
  •  Transcript area footer page options (pages, search text, year, etc) does not process because of the previous declared top search.  Footer search option simplified to limit confusion.
  •  GDPR consent option on the chat request window will correctly be non-visible if the send offline email option has been switched off at the Setup Admin > Departments > Offline Message (department option) area. 
  •  Button language text bug fix for various scenarios when sending an offline email.
  •  Exclude IP (Setup Admin > Settings > Exclude IPs) updated to correctly wildcard pattern the excluded URL. (example: excluding 123* will exclude all IPs that begins with 123).
  •  The phplive_v JavaScript custom variables did not carry over to the popout window for situations where the visitor clicks the "popout" option on the chat request window. - fixed
  •  Canned response area sometimes does not load the option to create new canned response from the mobile device. - fixed
  •  Software version included in error reporting page to streamline troubleshooting process.
  •  The "Name" field on the pre-chat form can be set to optional.
  •  URL format updated in few areas to limit potential server cache issues.
  •  View Database Stats at the Setup Admin area (Setup Admin > Settings > System > View Database Stats) updated to display a more noticeable indication if a table has errors.
  •  Few interface adjustments and URL link corrections.
  •  Updated few areas to limit double chat sessions for few scenarios.
  •  The system will attempt to recognize the RETURN character during correction of text situations.  If a RETURN character was pressed anywhere besides the end of the text, the sentence will automatically join into one line. (compatible with modern browsers only. IE7 and other legacy browser versions does not support this enhancement)
  •  The 24 hour time format also effects active chat sessions (the time next to the the name).  Previously, during a chat session, the time format only displayed the 12 hour format.
  •  Few security improvements in various areas.
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