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May 7th, 2018

 New Feature

 Bug Fix

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  Categorize canned responses (example: Customer Support → Greeting, Customer Support → Promotions, etc)
  •  Declined and missed chats (recent 24 hours) are visible on the operator console when clicking the "bell" icon above the textarea.  The "bell" icon is initially dim and when a chat request is missed, the "bell" icon will be more noticeable indication.
  •  (GDPR feature) Set the system to automatically delete chat transcripts created over 1-60 months ago.  Default value is "do not delete" (setting located at Setup Admin -> Transcripts).
  •  Activate/Inactivate operator accounts.
  •  %%chatid%% variable in canned responses will populate the variable with the chat session's unique Chat ID.
  •  GeoIP MySQL query error at ajax/image.php due to deprecated method. - fixed (the error did not effect the chat icon loading or chat functionality)
  •  (On Demand accounts only) Google Chrome extension addon update to fix few issues and improve system detection in various situations.
  •  Some sever environments combined with other external factors causes the default new chat response sound alert to not play sound.  The default is set initially for both the visitor and operator chat window.  The sound file was recreated to limit this rare and strange issue.
  •  Automatic saving of chat transcripts updated to limit few potential issues.
  •  Optional MySQL port value can be provided using variable name $CONF["SQLPORT"].  New installation will automatically utilize the port if port is provided during installation (example: host:port format as the MySQL host)
  •  ProAction Invite addon update to improve few interface situations when create/editing the ProAction Invite (Setup Admin -> HTML Code -> ProAction Invite)
  •  ProAction Invites can be paused.
  •  IP address and On Page information is displayed at the Missed Chats area (Setup Admin -> Reports -> Missed Chats)
  •  Operator console "Canned Responses" area layout adjustments and the canned response list can be sorted by departments.
  •  Interface adjustments in few areas to correct few IE Edge browser quirks.
  •  Patch process adjusted.  This should limit some situations on various server environments.
  •  Logging out as an operator by manually clicking "logout" will clear the "Automatic Login" (if set).  Previously, the only method to clear the "Automatic Login" feature is to login to the operator console and access the feature setting (Operator Area -> Settings -> Automatic Login).  Now, when the operator logs out, or is logged out, the setting is automatically cleared from that browser.
  •  Improved mobile device detection, including Microsoft phones and pad devices as a mobile device.  The system utilizes the library for the best up-to-date mobile detection.
  •  Improved IP resolve for various server environments to correctly obtain the visitor IP.
  •  Textarea expand feature  is included on the visitor chat window.
  •  Computer Sleep Lock (Operator Area -> Settings -> Computer Sleep Lock) feature adjusted for browser compatibility due to recent browser updates. 
  • few interface and other minor adjustments
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