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March 20th, 2018

 New Feature

 Bug Fix

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Mobile Related Update

 Important information



  •  ProAction Invite addon - ProAction Invite can display custom messages when chat is online or offline and other defined criteria.  The ProAction Invite feature is located at:
    Setup Admin -> HTML Code -> ProAction Invite
  •  Privacy & GDPR optional form checkbox prior to starting a chat session.  The Privacy & GDPR feature is located at:
    Setup Admin -> Interface -> Privacy & GDPR
  •  Potential displaying and deleting of Exclude and Block IPs in the Setup Admin area - fixed
  •  Few interface functionality minor bug updates in various areas.
  •  Possible rating comment submit error when the Cookie setting is switched off (Setup Admin -> Settings -> Cookies). - fixed
  •  Rare issue of the "is typing" indicator being stuck at typing state. - fixed
  •  Bulk of the chat icon JavaScript code (phplive_v2.js.php file) is now served up as cached JavaScript content.  There should be 50%+ bandwidth improvement during chat icon loading process.
  •  Sending test email feature to make sure emails are sending.  The test email feature is located at Setup Admin -> Departments -> SMTP (department option)
  •  The chat rating box no longer pops up (displays) automatically when the chat session has ended.  This is to limit confusion for the visitor and for streamlined UI experience.
  •  Missed chats (Setup Admin -> Reports -> Missed Chats) displays the custom variables (if provided).
  •  Previously, when switching chat session to chat session on the operator console, the system pinged the server multiple times for few actions (fetch cans, fetch campaigns).  The pings were significantly reduced, improving bandwidth and server resource usage.
  •  Few interface update for IE7 browser.
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