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Feb. 8th, 2018

 New Feature

 Bug Fix

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  Paste (Ctrl-V) clipboard image to an active chat session.

    NOTE: At the current time, if the clipboard is an image and the file upload access is any value besides "Off", the image will upload to the chat automatically when pasting the clipboard to the chat textarea.  To disable automatic paste file upload, you will need to set the file upload to "Off".  Any value besides "Off" will enable the automatic paste file upload. (this behavior can be updated based on feedback)

    Enable operator automatic paste file upload ability:
    Setup Admin -> Operators (edit the operator and set the "File Upload" to any value besides "Off")

    Enable visitor automatic paste file upload ability at:
    Setup Admin -> Departments (edit the department and set the "File Upload" to any value besides "Off") 


  •  The embed chat header "Live Chat" text does not appear during an active chat session on the visitor chat window (the header text is the "Live Chat" text to the right of the embed chat minimize/maximize icons).  The cause was due to the recent ability to update the chat window text for all departments.  The system simply was not fetching the department text values.   - fixed
  •  Department set theme sometimes did not process on the embed chat window when moving from page to page.  This seems to only effect systems with multiple departments created. - fixed
  •  Possible issue of patch process error due to mcrypt deprecated in PHP >= 7.1 - fixed
  •  Operator initiate chat will alert "Chat invite connecting" if the operator attempt to send a message during the connection process.  The chat invite is considered connected if the invite has displayed on the visitor's window.
  •  Workaround for server environments with automatic HTTPS redirect environments to set the system to utilize HTTPS automatically (limit possible protocol loop issue)
  •  The chat survey rating box will automatically display on the visitor chat window when the chat has ended if the "Chat End Message" is blank (Setup Admin -> Interface -> Chat End Msg)
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