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Feb. 6th, 2018

 New Feature

 Bug Fix

 Enhancement (improvement)

 Mobile Related Update

 Important information


  •  Ability to update chat request window text values for every department.  For example, the chat request header message "Welcome to our Live Chat" text can be customized for every department.  This is a revamp of the current "Language Text" feature located at:
    Setup Admin -> Interface -> Language Text
  •  In some situations, the logo upload area (Setup Admin -> Interface -> Logo) did not process the uploaded Global Default logo correctly IF there are more then 1 departments created. - fixed
  •  Few past versions displays "Index" as one of the language pack selections when creating a department.  The "Index" is not a language pack and should not be visible as a selection.  - fixed
  •  Possible Setup Admin options not displaying at the Setup Admin -> Interface area (Charset, Timezone, Login Screen, Properties).  These areas are not a critical factor for chat sessions, but the features should be available instead of a blank page.  The issue was due to a preparation of a future feature planning that contained an error in a variable.  - fixed
  •  Various other text and UI adjustments throughout the system
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