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September 5th, 2017

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  •  In rare situations, if the chat is transferred to a different department that has a lower chat routing duration set, the accepted chat transfer may time out and the chat request is routed to the "Leave a message" shortly after the operator accepts the transferred chat. - fixed
  •  Chat transfer will display the target transfer department name next to the target chat transfer operator name.
  •  Chat transfer will now route the chat back to the original operator if the target transfer operator was not able to accept the transferred chat.  Transfer chat will route to the "Leave a message" only after the target transfer operator did not accept the transferred chat AND the original operator could not accept the returned transferred chat.
  •  Chat transfer routing time is based on the department routing time.  For example, if the transfer department chat routing time is set to 1 minute, there will be a 1 minute duration for the target transfer operator to accept/decline the transferred chat before the chat is routed back to the original operator.  Previously, the transfer routing duration was based on few other factors that increased the routing duration.
  •  If the chat is transferred to another operator, the visitor chat window will update the operator profile picture to the target transfer operator's profile picture.  Previously, the original operator's profile picture continued to display even after the chat has been transferred to another operator.
  •  Maximum waiting duration for the visitor increased to 30 minutes before the chat request is routed to the "Leave a message".  Previously, the default maximum was 5 minutes.  The maximum waiting duration is a built in system feature and the purpose of the feature is to limit excessive waiting and to allow the visitor to take action and "Leave a message" during extensive delay while connecting to an operator.
  •  To limit confusion on department chat routing time, the $VARS_SMS_BUFFER system variable has been deprecated.  The $VARS_SMS_BUFFER added 2 minutes to the normal department routing duration if the operator enables the SMS alert (Operator area -> Notifications -> SMS alert).  It is suggested to simply update the department routing time to a greater duration (Setup Admin -> Departments - edit the department and update the "Chat Routing Time" setting).  IMPORTANT: The SMS alert is sent as an email message to your SMS device and there may be delays with most email messages.  If you are wanting to utilize the new chat request SMS alert feature, increase the department chat routing time to account for the possible delay in sending/receiving the SMS alert.
  •  (This enhancement was added to v.4.7.1 on Sept. 5th 9:30am EST) If the visitor or the operator closes the chat window without proper closing of the chat (left the site without closing the chat, closes the browser without closing the chat, etc), the chat session will expire after 5 minutes.  Previously, for v.4.7.1, improper closing of chat session expired after 30 minutes due to the recent update.  It has been reduced to 5 minutes for a more immediate notification.
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