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August 28th, 2017

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 Bug Fix

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 Mobile Related Update

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  •  Mobile App scenario: 1) The operator logs in on the Mobile App 2) The operator account is not assigned to a department and an alert is displayed to refresh the page after the account is assigned to department 3) Setup Admin assigned the operator to a department 4) The operator clicks the "refresh this page" link and the Mobile App refreshes with an Offline status.  The Offline status cannot be dismissed until the operator logs out and login again.  This situation has been updated to correctly display the Online status after the refresh and to dismiss the Offline box without having to logout and login again.
  •  Mobile App scenario: 1) The operator logs in on the Mobile App 2) The visitor requests a chat and the operator accepts the chat 3) In the middle of chat session the operator goes offline or logs out 4) Typically the chat session will timeout after 5 minutes after the operator logs out or goes offline (or network related situations).  But if the visitor requested a chat to an operator that is logged in from the Mobile App, the chat session does not timeout after the operator goes offline in middle of the chat session. The system has been updated to ensure the chat session timeouts for this type of situation.
  •  Direct Link chat request method (Setup Admin -> HTML CodeNo JavaScript or Direct URL HTML Code)  results in the "On Page" as a blank due to recent update in query method.  The system correctly gathers previous version formats to process the values.
  • [download solution] The fetch_direct.php method was updated to limit a situation of infinite routing if the set $opid declines the chat request AND department "Waiting Queue" is enabled.  Few other adjustments were made to the fetch_direct.php process to ensure the chat request is routed properly for various situations and to correctly tally the chat request/decline stats.
  • [download solution] The fetch_direct.php method, if department routing is set to Simultaneous, the system will correctly route the chat request to the $opid first.  If the $opid is not available, the system will automatically process the Round-robin routing to all available operators, with one loop.  This will ensure the chat request is visible to other operators and to the operator that hasn't accepted the chat in the longest time.  Due to the mechanics of Simultaneous routing, the Round-robin was chosen to limit issues, to ensure proper tally is stored and the chat request is serviced.
  •  If custom fields contains some special characters (example, # character), the outgoing Leave a Message emails did not include the custom variables. - fixed
  •  The HelpScout addon did not send the chat transcript to HelpScout mailbox if the visitor email was not provided.  Because HelpScout requires an email address, if email is not provided, a placeholder email address will be used when sending the chat transcript to HelpScout.  Upgrading of HelpScout addon is not required.  Simply upgrade your PHP Live! system to correct this issue.
  •  Operator console email address mailto: opens in a new window to limit situations of replacing the operator console window.
  •  In very very rare situations if the JavaScript process is paused due to intense computer usage, extensive processes open and quick toggle or other possible unpredictable factors, the visitor chat session will attempt to restart the chatting process.
  •  Excluded IPs also will exclude Automatic Chat Invite for the IPs.
  •  Chat rating format adjustment for minimized embed chat window situations.
  •  Mobile App UI and function adjustments in few areas.
  •  If the operator switches platform from desktop to Mobile App during active chat session(s), the chat session will continue on the Mobile device.  Previously, the chat session timed out after 5 minutes if the operator switched platforms from desktop to Mobile App in middle of conversation.  Mobile App to desktop was not effected.  The update ensures the conversation does not timeout for situations the operator switches platforms in middle of the chat session.
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