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Mobile App is a blank white page

First, double check with the Apple and Android stores for the current version available.  The Mobile App installed must be the latest version. (the Mobile App version is located on the Mobile App splash screen, where you provided the 10 digit Site ID).


If the Mobile App is the latest version, double check again.  It will save time.  If you are absolutely sure it is the latest version, here are some possible causes:


The only other time you may see a blank white page on the Mobile App is when your web server is down or the web server is not running.  Double check that your web server is running.  To refresh the blank page on the Mobile App, you will need to close the app entirely (not just place it in the background).  The "swipe" close on iOS or the app window "x" close on Android.  Another method is to simply uninstall the Mobile App and re-install to load a fresh attempt of your PHP Live! system.

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