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Exclude the chat icon display on certain pages

IMPORTANT: Be sure that your PHP Live! system is v. or greater.  The phplive_exclude JavaScript variable was introduced on v. and prior versions will not be able to process the variable.  The latest version can be downloaded at the client area.


To exclude/hide the chat icon from displaying on certain pages when using the Standard HTML Code, there are couple of methods to accomplish this:


Method A (download solution only): pattern match on the URL

If wanting to exclude URLs that contains a certain string pattern, the $VALS["EXCLUDE"] variable is the best option.  Create a file (if it does not exist) Util_Extra.php at the phplive/API/ directory (phplive/API/Util_Extra.php) and place the following code:



$VALS["EXCLUDE"] = "page1.php,page2,page3.php" ;



The $VALS["EXCLUDE"] value is comma separated string patterns with no spaces.  It is a pattern match method (example: if the $VALS["EXCLUDE"] = "page.php,b,c" ; the system will not display the chat icon on all URLs that contain "page.php" or the letter "b" or "c".


Method B: JavaScript variable on the page to exclude

Add a JavaScript variable anywhere in the page that you would like to exclude from displaying the chat icon:


<script type="text/javascript">

var phplive_exclude = 1;



Both the above methods will still process all the features of the Standard HTML Code (automatic chat invite, operator chat invite, footprint tracking).  Just the chat icon will not be displayed (online or offline).

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