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Knowledge Base » Errors and Troubleshooting » Error: 500 Internal Server Error
Error: 500 Internal Server Error

This type of error is difficult to troubleshoot without additional information.  To obtain more information, you will need to check your server error logs.  Some common reason for seeing 500 error on the PHP Live! system is:


Missing files.  Try downloading a fresh copy of the PHP Live! software from the client area and update your system to make sure all required files exists.

Possible file/directory permission issue.  Try resetting the permission by following the documentation Permission denied related errors


A 500 error will require some sort of server access to troubleshoot the issue.  That is why the server error log would be helpful because the information will detail exactly what the cause is.  If you would like us to troubleshoot this for you, access to your server is required, via FTP, SSH or remote desktop (Teamviewer, Zoom, RDP, GoToMyPC, etc).  Please request chat or email with the server access information ready.

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