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Update the URL of your system

If wanting to update the URL of your PHP Live! system, there are just couple of variables to update as well..



DO NOT update other variables.  They will update automatically based on the DOCUMENT_ROOT variable.  Just update the following two variables only.



Use single quotes (') to enclose the values because some character combination may cause some issues on some server environments if using double quotes (").


  1. Locate the following 2 variables within the web/config.php file:

    $CONF['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] = addslashes( '/full/server_path/to/phplive' ) ;
    $CONF['BASE_URL'] = '//' ;

  2. Update the above two variables to the new directory and path name (Note: if the BASE_URL contains an http: or https:, you'll want to also include that in the updated BASE_URL value):

    $CONF['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] = addslashes( '/full_directory_path/phplive_new' ) ;
    $CONF['BASE_URL'] = '//' ;
  3. Save file and done!
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