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Knowledge Base » How-To and Helpful Info » One PHP Live! installation for multiple domains (server URL masking method)
One PHP Live! installation for multiple domains (server URL masking method)

* the URL masking is not actively supported at this time due to possible server adjustments needed for symbolic links.  but if everything is setup properly, your system should function correctly. 


It is recommended to utilize the One PHP Live! installation for multiple domains (department method) because there is no extra server adjustments needed and the PHP Live! system is designed to utilize this method without any issues.  But the chat URL will be one URL (the installed domain of the PHP Live! system).




However, if you operate multiple domains and would like to utilize one installation of the PHP Live! system while having the chat URLs matching the domains, you will need to configure the system for URL masking.  Keep in mind, because it is one installation, the chat requests from all the websites will route to the same PHP Live! system, same operators, etc.  The traffic monitor on the operator console will display all the website traffic of all the masked domains.


Server environment specs required for PHP Live! URL masking:

All the multiple domains must be pointing to the same server.


Example: domain1/, domain2/, domain3/ would all need to be in the same parent directory:






The steps needed to create a PHP Live! masked URL:


1. Choose one of the path (example: /public_html/www/domain1/) on the server and install PHP Live! in that directory (installation procedures).

example: installed on /public_html/www/domain1/phplive


2. After the installation, create a symbolic link inside all the other domain folders pointing to the full path of the installed PHP Live! system.  The symbolic name must be the same for all the domains.  The symbolic link is a reference to the actual folder of the installed PHP Live! system.

ln -s /public_html/www/domain1/phplive /public_html/www/domain2/phplive


3. Edit the /public_html/www/domain1/phplive/web/config.php file and update the BASE_URL value to:

$CONF['BASE_URL'] = '/phplive' ;

4. Save the file and done!


You will now be able to access the PHP Live! system from all the masked domains by accessing,, etc.


IMPORTANT: DO NOT change the HTTP/HTTPS protocol at the Setup Admin -> HTML Code area.  If you change the protocol, it will break the masking adjustments.  If you do happen to change the HTTPS/HTTPS protocol on accident at the Setup Admin -> HTML Code, just revert the BASE_URL back to $CONF['BASE_URL'] = '/phplive', the step #3 from above.


Related Documentation:  One PHP Live! installation for multiple domains (department method)

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