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Knowledge Base » Errors and Troubleshooting » WinApp not working after Windows 10 upgrade
WinApp not working after Windows 10 upgrade

WinApp should be fully functional with Windows 10.  If after the Windows 10 upgrade WinApp stops working, the .NET may have become disabled after the upgrade.  To ensure that the .NET is activated, here is what you'll wan to do:


  1. Click the "Settings" option on the start menu.  (If it is not visible there, launch the control panel)
  2. In the search box, search for "Windows Features".
  3. Click the "Turn Windows features on or off" selection
  4. Expand the ".NET Framework 4.6 Advanced Services" and ensure that these features are checked:
  5. Save settings and done!


If this method does not seem to correct the Windows 10 .NET, try uninstalling WinApp then download a fresh copy from the client area and re-install WinApp so that the Windows 10 resets the settings for the new application.  If you continue to experience WinApp issues, please contact so that we can look into this further.

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