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Knowledge Base » Tips and Tricks » Move the temporary chat file directory to another location
Move the temporary chat file directory to another location

The PHP Live! system utilizes temporary files for various tasks during a chat session.  As a default, the temporary files are located within the phplive/web/chat_sessions/ directory and the phplive/web/chat_initiate/ directory.  These directories are automatically cleared on regular intervals and the temporary files are stored for a short period of time during the chat session.  The locations of these directories can be updated to point to another area on the server.


As an example, if your server utilizes a RAMDISK, the PHP Live! system can be set to write all temporary chat data to the RAMDISK location.  Another example is if you would like the temporary files located in a directory not accessible by the web browser.


Here is what you'll want to do:


1. Create a new file Util_Extra.php inside the phplive/API/ directory containing the following variables:

NOTE: The "/new_temp_directory/" is only an example.  You will need to include the server full path of the new directory locations



$CONF["CHAT_IO_DIR"] = "/new_temp_directory/chat_sessions" ;
$CONF["TYPE_IO_DIR"] = "/new_temp_directory/chat_initiate" ;


2. Save the file.

3. You now should have phplive/API/Util_Extra.php that contains the above two variables.

4. Double check that the above two directories has read/write permissions by the web server because the web will still need to read and write to the directories.

5. Done!


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