Self-Hosted Live Chat
Install PHP Live! on your PHP and MySQL enabled web server.
  OTD Starter Enterprise
Chat operators 2
Unlimited departments
Unlimited chat sessions
All the features enabled
Install on your server, accessed from your domain
One-time purchase, life time of use
All the data is stored in your MySQL database
100% on-premise live chat solution
Simple installation procedures
Tech support available
New version upgrades none 1 year of upgrades
Additional year of
upgrades is
life time of upgrades
Marquee Addon
Announce news, promotions or other important message that scrolls along the footer of the visitor chat window.
GeoIP Addon
Obtain the Geo location of an IP address. Also includes Google Maps integration.
Debrand Key ("Powered by" removal)
Remove the "powered by PHP Live!" branding link back from the visitor chat window and the operator area.
Voice & Video Chat Addon
During a chat session, request voice or video chat with the visitor.
"Leave a message" Automatic Reply Addon
When visitors leave a message, automatically send a customized reply to the visitor's email address.
Whisper Addon
Allow operators to join other chat sessions and whisper to the operator or directly participate in the chat.
Export Transcripts Addon
Export your chat transcripts to a downloadable text file.
LDAP Addon
Allow your chat operators to signin using their LDAP credentials
Gravatar Addon
When a visitor requests chat and they provide their email address, the system can fetch their Gravatar, if available, to be visible by the chat operator.
HTML Code Mapper Addon
Map a URL pattern to a department, overriding the existing chat icon HTML Code on the webpage.
Email Marketing Addon
Display an opt-in feature on the chat request window to gather email address of opt-in visitors.
Chat operators 2
  OTD Starter Enterprise
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the recommended server resources?
As a general rule, if possible, absolutely no shared hosting environments. For best live chat experience, if you must deploy on a shared enviornment, get a hosting package with the most resources available. The server resources needed is directly related to few factors:
  • Website Traffic - Website traffic plays an important factor in server resource usage. The chat icon does fetch data from the server, which will matter when you receive a lot of website traffic. The more RAM the server has available, the better your live chat system will perform during peak traffic.
  • Anticipated Live Chat Usage - Each live chat session requires server communication during the chat session. The more chat sessions you receive will require more server resources (RAM, CPU).
  • Operators Online - A typical modest server environment with at least 2Gigs of RAM should be able to handle 4 operators online at the same time, or more. However, if you receive thousands of traffic a day, more than 2Gigs of RAM may be needed to limit potential resource issues.
  • Server Requirements
    • Server OS
    • UNIX, Mac or Windows
    • Web Server
    • Any web server with PHP and MySQL enabled
    • PHP
    • PHP >= 5.4, 7.x, 8.0 (tested up to 8.0)
    • Database
    • MySQL >= 5.6 or MariaDB
How much disc space is needed?
The software files are around 22Megs of disc space. However, the database disc space needed for the system will depend on your website traffic and chat volume. As a safe measure, at least 25Gigs of free disc space should be ok for few years of live chat usage for websites that receive 100-5000 visitors a day.
How many chat sessions can the system handle, per day?
It all depends on the server resources. The more server resources (RAM, CPU, disc space), the more chats the system can handle. Also, the web server must be configured properly, including the MySQL configuration. There has been verified systems with over 500 chats a day and few systems have reported over 1,000 chats a day. If your server has the resources, then the system can handle more chats without issues.
If I purchase the Starter, can I switch to the Enterprise at anytime?
Yes. The option to switch your account to the Enterprise Download can be done at anytime from the client area. Starter to Enterprise account switch is , the difference in price.
Can I remove the "powered by PHP Live!" link back from the visitor chat window?
A purchase of the Enterprise Self-Hosted is required to remove the "powered by PHP Live!" link back. The Enterprise Self-Hosted includes the "Debrand" key needed to remove the link. The "powered by PHP Live!" link back cannot be removed on the Starter (also known as Standard) Self-Hosted.
Does it expire?
The software does not expire. If server PHP and MySQL is running properly, PHP Live! should function indefinitely.
Is a PHP framework required?
PHP framework is not required. PHP Live! does not use a PHP framework.
Does the sytem run 100% on my server without third-party communication?
Yes. PHP Live! is a complete on premise live chat solution that functions 100% on your server, your network, your domain. There is zero third-party communication. However, if you are planning to use the Mobile App, the mobile push notification does require third-party communication to send the push alert to the mobile device. If you do not use the Mobile App, there is absolutely zero third-party communication.)
Is tech support included?
General tech support will always be available. However, some incidents that require extensive troubleshooting will require a purchase of Escalated Tech Support Service. Escalated Tech Support could be possible server configuration or other issues that could not be fixed with common solutions. Escalated Tech Support Service is $150 (up to 3 hours) for most situations, per incident. Tech support will determine if Escalated Support will be required based on the situation. Before any type of troubleshooting begins, your PHP Live! system must be the latest version. Upgrading your PHP Live! system is the first step in the troubleshooting process. Please reference the Knowledge Base for most common solutions.
Can I provide a live chat service to my clients with my purchased copy of PHP Live!?
No. The PHP Live! License is per company use. Providing a service with PHP Live! to your clients is not allowed. Each of your clients will need to purchase a License.
I'm a developer and want to know if I can install PHP Live! on all of my client's websites?
No. The PHP Live! License is per company use. Each of your clients will need to purchase a License. If your clients have a valid PHP Live! License, you can provide an installation service and install PHP Live! for them.
Can I install my purchased copy of PHP Live! on a development server and a production server at the same time?
Yes. The same download can be installed on a development server and a production server.
How many new versions are released in a year?
On average 3-10 new versions are released in a year.
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