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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the recommended server specs?
As a general rule, absolutely no shared hosting environments. It will save you a lot of time and headache by simply going with a virtual private server or dedicated server. The resources needed by the PHP Live! system is directly related to few factors:
  • Website Traffic - Website traffic plays an important factor in server resource usage. The PHP Live! visitor traffic monitor feature is processed each time a visitor arrives to your website. The process is very fast and takes very little resources. However, if you receive a lot of traffic (10,000+ visitors a day), the resource usage can add up.
  • Anticipated Live Chat Usage - Each live chat session requires server communication during the chat session. These communications are very fast and takes very little resources. The more chat sessions going on at the same time will require more server resources. A typical modest dedicated server environment with at least 2Gigs of memory should be able to handle 10-50 chat sessions at the same, or even more.
  • Operators Online - A typical modest dedicated server environment with at least 2Gigs of memory should be able to handle 10-30 operators online at the same, or even more.
Download solution server requirements
Server OS: UNIX, Windows or Mac
Web Server: Any web server with PHP and MySQL enabled
PHP: PHP >= 5.4 or PHP7+
Database: MySQL >= 4.1 or MariaDB
Download solution Software License Agreement
Q: How much disc space is needed?
The software files (PHP files, images, JavaScript files, sound files, etc) take up around 20Megs. However, the database disc space needed for the PHP Live! system will depend on your website traffic and the PHP Live! usage. Disc space is typically not an issue these days but for a low traffic website (10-1000 visitors a day) at least 10Gigs free disc space is recommended.
Q: Does the software expire?
No. The software does not expire. There is no locking mechanism or other types of automatic deactivation of features or locking to a domain. The same downloaded software copy can be installed on a test server, production server or other server enviornments.
Q: How does the software validate the authenticity of the software and the company/person who purchased it?
Each downloaded software copy contains a Software License KEY that is unique to the account holder. The software license key is the identification used to locate accounts, verify the software and to provide support.
Q: Does PHP Live! rely on a PHP framework?
No. PHP Live! does not use or rely on a PHP framework.
Q: Does the software run 100% on my server without external communication?
Yes. PHP Live! is a complete standalone software that functions 100% on your server, your network. There is zero third-party communication. All data is stored on your server, all communication from your domain.
Q: If I purchase the Starter Download and decide to renew my download access next year at the $74 for the additional year of download, how many new versions are released in a year?
There has been sometimes over 10 new versions in a year span. But typically 3-5 new versions are released each year.
Q: What are the support fees after the 6 months?
Additional tech support is available with tech support fees based on the nature of the incident. Base tech support fee is $150 for most situations, per incident. Please reference the Help Desk for most common solutions.
Q: What if PHP Live! does not work on my server? Is there a refund?
PHP Live! is designed to work on all server environments with the default PHP and MySQL configurations. If there are any issues, our tech support can help you find the cause fairly quickly (via FTP, SSH or remote desktop). To answer the question, yes, refunds are available if the software does not function on your server. Refunds are available up to 30 days from the purchase date.
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